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Individual Counseling

You hold the key to your success and we can help you find it and guide you to it. If you are hurting and need to reach out, if you need someone to listen, if you are having trouble making decisions, if your relationships are falling apart or you are experiencing major life changes (death of a loved one, separation, divorce, losing a job or house); we can help. We will work together to help you in your journey of self -discovery and healing. We can be the empathetic sounding board where you can safely explore your thoughts and feelings.

We can help in learning to manage:
  • mood, anxiety and addiction (chemical and process) disorders
  • traumatic stress (abuse, domestic abuse, accidents)
  • managing symptoms of moderate to mild schizophrenia
  • self-harm, suicidal ideation
  • co-dependency, relationships
  • general life dissatisfaction, life stressors
  • work-life balance issues