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Pre-Teen & Teen Counseling

Adolescence is a time of adjustments, whether it be biological changes or the changing dynamics of interpersonal relationships. The global environment we live in today brings unique challenges. Social media and the cacophony of unlimited choices in food, games, TV shows, clothes; has brought about its own adjustments. Parents are faced with the challenge of understanding this ever-evolving technological world and are clamoring to learn the potential risks to help their kids navigate it. Social media bullying, gaming addiction, self-harm, unhealthy support groups, self-esteem issues brought on by exposure to unrealistic body images splashed across the media; are growing concerns.

If you are feeling distant from your teenager and struggling to understand, if you are getting stuck in power struggles, or feel like you don’t know your child anymore; we can help. We use expressive arts therapy to help teenagers learn to navigate their enmeshed thoughts and feelings. This approach allows them to build a better understanding of themselves and in turn improves their communication with their caretakers. Expressive arts therapy has also been found extremely useful for dealing with trauma as it provides a safe medium to explore thoughts and feelings that might be too scary or raw.

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